Ultimate Leopard 2.1 [iPod Touch and iPhone theme]

Ultimate Leopard 2.1 is a ridiculously thorough iPod Touch and iPhone theme that is optimized for firmware 1.1.4. It includes tons of app skins, thousands of icons, and tons of extras, all to help you make your iPod resemble the Mac OS X Leopard operating system as closely as possible. It is very different from most other themes, even those that claim to be “complete.” This is much more than a simple Summerboard theme with and other.artwork. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the feature list yourself:

Application Skins:
A mod for the “Ants” app that makes a cursor move around your screen.
A Calculator.app skins with 2 different LCD choices.
A skin for Categories.app
Nearly 80 Categories icons including folders and hard disk drives.
6 Different Categories backgrounds all designed to look just like a Leopard folder.
A Chess theme with 2 different boards.
A keyboard skin. [designed by RasBill of the ModMyiFone forums.]
Icons for Finder.app.
An Installer.app skin.
An iSolitaire skin with real transparency effects that make it looks nearly exactly like SolitaireXL for the Mac.
An LEDBanner skin.
A MobileMail skin.
A very thorough MobileMusicPlayer skin.
A psx4all skin.
A SuperPong skin. [designed by chucky102]
A Tris theme designed to look like Quinn for the Mac.
2 different Safari skins. [designed by RasBill and Romeboards.]
A 1.1.4 other.artwork.

Everything Else:

40 blank apps so that you can arrange your home page to look like a real Leopard desktop.
A “Trash.app” dummy app that resembles the Leopard trash bin.
Over 2,000 extra icons- You’ll never have an app that sticks out like a sore thumb because it doesn’t have an icon.
Complete system image replacements including 2 sliders, 1 power off slider, a tapper, a battery charger, tons of statusbar images [eg. carrier, header battery,] miniplayer buttons, and much much more.
A “Widget Dashboard” just like the one a Mac.
A Summerboard theme with 10 different docks and over 250 icons already assigned.
Over 100 wallpapers including 3 different lock screen wallpapers.

Coming up in 2.2:
A better and more realistic Safari skin.
A landscape version.
Lots of small tweaks.
More wallpapers.

Thanks to the following people for help:
RasBill (MMi)

Need install help or just want to chat with the creators? Visit the Ultimate Leopard IRC Channel.
freenode- #ultimateleopard

thanks to: sector24



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