iBank 3.1

* Accounts
o Account types: Checking, Savings, Cash, Credit Card, Loan, Asset, Liability, and Investment accounts can all be managed in iBank.
o Debt/loan management: Keep tabs on your loans with iBank’s comprehensive set of debt management tools. Track interest vs. capital, variable interest rates, and payment schedules.
o Hide/show accounts: Keep your finances clutter-free by hiding unused accounts. Your historical records stay just a few clicks away, but out of sight, out of mind!
o Smart accounts: Like iTunes for your money – dynamically view transactions according to account, payee, memo, amount, and/or category information.
o Account groups: Organize your accounts into folders to reduce clutter and total up your balances quickly.
o Account details: Set a minimum balance and be alerted when your account drops below that amount, link to your bank’s webpage, store your account number for reference, and much more.

* Transactions
o Streamlined input: Either use the familiar check-style interface of the Transaction Editor to enter new items, or type them directly into your account register. Now featuring improved keyboard entry for mouse-free record-keeping!
o iSight integration: Snap a photo with your camera (or take any image or PDF file) and attach it to a transaction for a visual record of your purchase.
o An ounce of prevention: Editing existing transactions requires confirmation, so that you don’t accidentally change your records when you thought you were adding new ones.
o Searching and filtering: Choose from several filtering options to show only the transactions you want to see, or use the search box to locate a particular transaction.
o Split transactions: When’s the last time you just bought groceries at the grocery store? Divide any transaction into several parts and categorize each one separately for more accurate record-keeping.
o Memorized transactions: Tired of typing in the same deposit over and over again? Let iBank do some of the work for you – it will automatically remember each transaction you enter, and make suggestions as you type.
o Scheduled transactions: Easily turn any transaction into a repeating event (like those darn utility bills!). iBank can alert you when the transaction is due to be posted to your account.
o iCal integration: Post scheduled transactions to iCal for an easy reminder of upcoming expenses.
o Statements: Reconcile tranactions with your bank records using a familiar statement-like interface. All unreconciled transactions now accessible to each statement.
o Check printing: Fully configurable templates allow you to print your iBank transactions to any check stock, or print the whole check yourself! Now featuring a more intuitive template editor.
* Categories
o Fully customizable: Assign categories to your transactions to be able to track them in charts, reports, budgets, and forecasts. Use our built-in category sets for home or business, or create your own! Now sporting snazzy images for the Cover Flow view.
o Multiple hierarchy: Organize your categories in groups for more effective record-keeping. When creating a chart, choose to include individual sub-categories or just the main category for overall totals.
o Tax support: Categories can now be assigned tax codes for easy reference – iBank can even look up the codes for you! When tax time arrives, export data on your tax categories to TXF format for use with TurboTax and other tax software.
* Importing
o Direct download: Connect directly to your financial institution online to download transaction updates automatically and securely.
o Built-in web browser: No online support for your bank? Browse to your financial institution’s website and download transactions to import, all without ever leaving iBank.
o Import from Quicken: Easily import your accounts from Quicken, MS Money, and just about any other financial management program out there. Supported file formats include QIF, OFX, QFX, and CSV.
o Smart import rules: Tired of the junk your bank puts into the transactions you download? Create simple rules to clean up and categorize your transactions automatically.

* Multiple currencies
o Work in any currency: By default, iBank uses your native currency as indicated in Mac OS X System Preferences. Add other currencies to iBank and assign them to your accounts as needed.
o Download exchange rates: Retrieve up-to-date exchange rates over the Internet at the click of a button.
o Automatic conversion: Transfer money between accounts that use two different currencies, and iBank automatically applies the conversion for you based on current rates. Manually apply or adjust the exchange rate on any individual transaction.
* Investments
o Investment types: Track stocks, bonds, mutual funds, managed funds, watchlist items, and indices with ease.
o Quote downloading: Automatically retrieve up-to-date quotes over the Internet at the click of a button. International exchanges are supported.
o Portfolio view: Check the cost basis, gain/loss, current market value, and other information regarding your securities at a glance. iBank now tracks historical data and graphs your security performance over time.
o Capital gains: Easily generate reports detailing profit and loss on your investments.
o Smart portfolios: Dynamically group securities based on their account, payee, amount, and more. Maintain multiple portfolios for different needs.
o Online portfolios: Leaving your Mac behind? Post your investment portfolios to your .Mac account and check their performance from any web browser. (.Mac account required)
o Expert trading: iBank now supports short and long puts and calls, stock option trading, and more.
* Analysis tools
o Beautiful charts: Get the information you need at your fingertips using dynamic charts that update automatically as you make changes to your data. View a breakdown of your income or expenses by category, see your spending habits over time, generate tables of your activity, or view a list of transactions from a specified date range. Simple and flexible.
o Standard reports: For those times when the accountant requires you to submit your data in a standardized format, iBank includes Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Capital Gains, and ROI (Return on Investments) reports. Print or save them to your Desktop with the click of a button.
o Budgets: Set goals for your income and expenses over a specified time period, then check your progress as you go along. Easily compare past and current budget performance. Multiple budgets let you track different sets of categories for different goals.
o Forecasts: Use balance trends and scheduled transactions to predict your future account balances at any date in the future. Tweak various calculation settings to get the most accurate forecast possible.
o Mini-graph: See an up-to-date overview of your spending in the bottom-right corner of the main window. Double-click any slice of the pie graph to “dig deeper” and break it down into sub-categories or individual transactions.
* File management
o Portability: Store all of your account data in a single data file for easy backup or transfer. Easily create multiple data files for different users.
o .Mac backup: Backup your iBank data to your .Mac account automatically every time you startup. (.Mac account required)
o Password protection: Prevent unauthorized access to your data by requiring a password at startup.
* Other features
o Gorgeous interface: Track your finances in style! New Cover Flow and Thumbnail views let you browse transactions by their associated images, and redesigned charts will knock your socks off.
o Notes everywhere: Add comments to just about anything! Accounts, groups, portfolios, categories, charts, budgets, forecasts, and statements can all be assigned notes to hold that extra info you just can’t afford to forget.
o iPhone support: Enter transactions on the go with our iPhone companion application, available as a free download.
o Dashboard widgets: iBank widgets allow you to enter transactions, check account balances, and monitor your budgets from the comfort of your Desktop. Available as a free download.


Source : http://www.iggsoftware.com/ibank/








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