Sblocco di iPhone 2.0 tramite Pwnage


Passata l’euforia collettiva della “Domenica”, che a detta del Dev Team ci ricorderemo per qualche tempo, vogliamo analizzare in maniera più precisa la situazione dello sblocco di iPhone 2.0 tramite Pwnage. Anche noi di TAL siamo stati contagiati, adducendo la scusa di voler divulgare la notizia: in realtà eravamo in fremente attesa di provare Pwnage per lo sblocco di iPhone. Abbiamo pubblicato una guida con il puro scopo di aiutarvi a districavi nelle varie procedure senza l’intenzione di portare l’illuminata verità. Cosa è successo e come funziona Pwnage?

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Ultimate Leopard 2.1 [iPod Touch and iPhone theme]

Ultimate Leopard 2.1 is a ridiculously thorough iPod Touch and iPhone theme that is optimized for firmware 1.1.4. It includes tons of app skins, thousands of icons, and tons of extras, all to help you make your iPod resemble the Mac OS X Leopard operating system as closely as possible. It is very different from most other themes, even those that claim to be “complete.” This is much more than a simple Summerboard theme with and other.artwork. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the feature list yourself:

Application Skins:
A mod for the “Ants” app that makes a cursor move around your screen.
A skins with 2 different LCD choices.
A skin for
Nearly 80 Categories icons including folders and hard disk drives.
6 Different Categories backgrounds all designed to look just like a Leopard folder.
A Chess theme with 2 different boards.
A keyboard skin. [designed by RasBill of the ModMyiFone forums.]
Icons for
An skin.
An iSolitaire skin with real transparency effects that make it looks nearly exactly like SolitaireXL for the Mac.
An LEDBanner skin.
A MobileMail skin.
A very thorough MobileMusicPlayer skin.
A psx4all skin.
A SuperPong skin. [designed by chucky102]
A Tris theme designed to look like Quinn for the Mac.
2 different Safari skins. [designed by RasBill and Romeboards.]
A 1.1.4 other.artwork.

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PhoneView 2.0.3 Full

Version 2.0.3:
Adds support for the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 operating system.


Downgrading 2.0 Firmware 1st generation iPhone 3.9/4.6 bootloader

So you mistakenly updated your firmware as soon as a new version was released by Apple, and you are now left with a useless iPhone showing only this graphic.

This tutorial will teach you how to restore your iPhone to a functioning state. Thanks go out to crumpx (who has some Windows based notes here), and BigBoss (who has a Windows downgrade guide here), who provided help with the location of the various files that must be deleted, and the order of the overall process. There may be other ways to do this, but this is what worked for me.

When the next release of PwnageTool comes out it may render this method obsolete, but I don’t know for sure. You might also consider waiting for the new version of PwnageTool to come out as it may simplify this process.

This tutorial is for people with the first generation iPhone, running either the 3.9 or 4.6 bootloader, but who did NOT use PwnageTool to install and run Boot Neuter, or the Installer to install and run Boot Neuter on their iPhone.

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