Coloriage & Art Suite COMBO





AKVIS Coloriage manipulates colors of an image: from colorizing old black and white photos from your family archive to replacing colors in your color photos.

Make a present for your grandmother by adding color to her school photo, replace the colors of your car to see how it would look in scarlet, see how you will look if you dye your hair red.

AKVIS Coloriage creates natural-looking colorization in a quick and entertaining manner. It works equally well for coloring of portraits, landscapes, fashion, and still life. The skin, sky, verdure, and tree color patterns help users to select realistic colors for their picture.
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VisualHub 1.34

VisualHub bridges the gap between numerous complicated video formatting standards, and people that just want to get the job done – just what you would expect from the Mac.

If you’re looking for something a little more flexible, VisualHub’s up for that challenge too. An extensive Advanced panel lets you change all pre-set aspects of encoding…and then some.

Based on the popular, award-winning “iSquint” conversion software for iPods. If you’ve used iSquint, you already know how to use VisualHub. If you’ve never used iSquint, you won’t have a lot of catching up to do anyway.


  • Fast conversion from nearly every video format to iPod, PSP, TiVo, DV, DVD, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG and Flash.
  • Convert any file in three steps. Click, drag, click.
  • Fit up to 18 hours of video on one DVD. Play it in any standalone DVD player.
  • Xgrid support. Use the power of every Mac on your network for batch encoding.
  • QuickTime Pro or special plugins not required.
  • DivX/XviD AVIs, all forms of MPEG video, and many other formats QuickTime struggles with are supported.
  • Batch Processing of multiple files. Save in-place, or to a different folder.
  • Very comprehensive Advanced panel to modify every aspect of encoding.
  • Dynamic Preview – See results before beginning a long encode.
  • Stitch multiple files together to combine videos.
  • Highly detailed, informative Users Guide.
  • Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel Macs.

iGetter 2.7.5

Version 2.7.5: – Added a “Download Selection with iGetter” contextual menu command in Safari, Camino and Firefox browsers. – Added support for importing “.urls” and “.lst” files. – Added support for new Internet connection types: 1 – 20 Mbps Cable/DSL and 1Gbps Ethernet. – Improved “Download All with iGetter” function in Safari, Camino and Firefox to extract links directly from the DOM browser model. – Improved iGetter Paste command that allows addition of multiple URLs for downloading. – Improved iGetter Copy command to copy all URLs of selected downloads separated by a new-line character. – Enhanced “Import URLs list” function that allows importing URLs separated with white-space characters from any text file. – Enhanced drag and drop functionality to handle text files with URLs separated with white-space characters. – Fixed “Export selected files” function to export URLs sorted by the queue order number or if completed by the finished time. – Fixed “Export selected files” function to properly encode exported URLs. – Fixed a bug that in some rare cases caused a new download to be added in suspended state. – Fixed a bug that prevented proper activation on license moving. – Fixed a bug that caused a crash in iGetter when the default download folder is deleted. – Some other fixes and improvements.

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iBank 3.1

* Accounts
o Account types: Checking, Savings, Cash, Credit Card, Loan, Asset, Liability, and Investment accounts can all be managed in iBank.
o Debt/loan management: Keep tabs on your loans with iBank’s comprehensive set of debt management tools. Track interest vs. capital, variable interest rates, and payment schedules.
o Hide/show accounts: Keep your finances clutter-free by hiding unused accounts. Your historical records stay just a few clicks away, but out of sight, out of mind!
o Smart accounts: Like iTunes for your money – dynamically view transactions according to account, payee, memo, amount, and/or category information.
o Account groups: Organize your accounts into folders to reduce clutter and total up your balances quickly.
o Account details: Set a minimum balance and be alerted when your account drops below that amount, link to your bank’s webpage, store your account number for reference, and much more.

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Speed Download 5.0.5


Speed Download 5 combines four amazing products — a turbo-charged download manager with auto-resuming downloads, a fully featured secure FTP client, a file sharing utility with full encryption, and complete .Mac/iDisk/WEBDAV connectivity — into one small and easy to use application. 

Speed Download 5 also introduces a stunning new user interface option that feels right at home in Mac OS X and is designed to help you be even more productive with fewer mouse clicks hence, completely redefining what you can do with your time online. Introducing SD Minimized mode; a serious upgrade to the Speed Download floater. Fully supports drag n drop, completely resizable, customizable, and a whole lot more. In minimized mode, SD is even more discrete on your Mac. Save screen space, but not power!

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SpotLight di Leopard, ricerca System ( Sistema ) e Library ( Libreria )

Probabilmente molti user non “attenti” non si saranno resi conto che l’indicizzazione di leopard e’ diversa da quella di Tiger.

Tanto per dirne una su tutti, ora SpotLight, non ricerca piu’ i files ne nella Libreria di Sistema, ne nella Libreria Utente ne tanto meno nel Sistema (System)

Questo probabilmente e’ stata una scelta di sicurezza, infatti nel precedente system era molto facile fare “Errori” e cancellare qualcosa che non si doveva. Quindi, secondo la mia opinione, hanno evitato direttamente di proporre quei files in caso di ricerca.

Ma per un utente diciamo attento, che ama ad esempio andare a rimuovere qualsiasi piccolo strascico di qualche applicazione rimossa, era molto utile a volte cercare nelle cartelle di sistema.

Come fare per farlo ancora??? Facile, bisogna dire a SpotLight di rifarlo ancora

Prima cosa da Finder digitate: mela-F
Oppure da finstra del Finder selezionate in simbolo + (piu’) che sta a destra sotto la barra superiore della finestra (praticamente sotto la scritta “Registra”):

Si aprira’ una finestra, o avrete una finestra come la sottostante:

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Cocktail 4.0.2 (Leopard Edition)

It facilitates the use of advanced functions UNIX

and options hidden in Mac OS X

(Compatibility Leopard 10.5.4)



Cocktail is an award winning general purpose utility for Mac OS X. It is a smooth and powerful digital toolset with a variety of practical features that simplifies the use of advanced UNIX functions and helps hundreds of thousands of Mac users around the world to get the most out of their computers.

The application serves up a scrumptious mix of maintenance tools and interface tweaks, all accessible via a comprehensive graphical interface. Most of Cocktail’s major features are arranged in five basic categories. In addition, a Pilot lets you clean, repair and optimize your system with one click of the button.