Logic Studio


This is Apple’s Logic Studio for OS X (universal binary) and includes the following apps:

– Logic Pro 8 (with 8.02 update included – and serial for whole pack)
– Sountrack Pro 2
– Main Stage
– All 7 content DVDs (3 instruments, 3 jam packs, 1 demo songs)

I know it’s already been on mechodownload.com, but all the other versions’ links are dead.

More info available at: http://www.apple.com/logicstudio/

Right now only the main installation disk is there (july/16). But in the next days / weeks I am / will be uploading all the content DVDs as well. Please check back often. You can use the application without them, but obviously a nice stack of musical instruments and effects comes handy.

pass: pengekcs

There’s also a fine tutorial for all of you out there, which includes all exercise files as well from Lynda.com. Logic Pro 8 – Essential Training it weighs in at 2 x 200 MB.

pass: pengekcs